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         Lollipop Theatre would like to acknowledge  the contributions, invaluable support and encouragement received from:



                                                                                          QUEST EYES-ME

                                                                                  MR FREDRIECH MARSHALL

                                                                        MRS MARY MARSHALL CONSULTANT

                                                                                        MR AHMED GAFFAR

                                                                                         MR MARK LLOYD

                                                                           LORD TIMOTHY LANE-STOTT

                                                                                   NINO LINO EVENTS








‘The future of every nation depends on the human ability to create and be creative, during the coming decades our most important national resources will be human resources! If our world is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, we need to value, develop and actively promote creativity’. Every time an organization sponsors a community activity, the potential for creating a positive image of that organization exists. When your company partners with 'LOLLIPOP ' it is declaring a commitment to, and support of, theatre arts both within your community or country and within the education system. You are saying that you care, and that you are committed to nurturing the arts and enriching the lives of children throughout the UAE & the MENA region. Investing in youth activities and education is a great way to contribute to the community and to benefit from the accompanying publicity and PR




Extended exposure periods, equal great value for money. We tour our own shows for 2-3 months. Most shows that are presented in the region are in theatres only, and present for a maximum of onlytwo weeks!


Target Market. We access the source, the very heart of your target market


Distribution OpportunitiesPartnering with LOLLIPOP offers you the opportunity to distribute flyers, discount vouchers, gifts, goodie bags, and can create opportunities to carry out product sampling and launches and market research.


Brand Exposure Valuable brand exposure and accreditation within all of our print, at performing spaces, online platforms of website and monthly newsletters, on all radio and TV , and digital mailings.


Employee Benefits for you Research has proven that employees are likely to work harder and more efficiently for a company that actively re-invests in the local community. Involvement creates a deep sense of employee pride in the workplace, a highly desirable commodity for any company.


Corporate Social Responsibility Meeting high standards of social responsibility is a good thing from all perspectives. It builds positive connections, attitudes and values in the minds of your target customers by linking your business with innovative and creative thinking.





We offer tiered and bespoke sponsorship opportunities, designed to meet your own specification, budget, business interests and corporate social responsibility.



Alice In Wonderland

Your company name will appear above the title of the show on all posters, promotional materials and your company will be mentioned on all radio & TV. Total 60 shows across the UAE alone.



Alice in Wonderland

20 schools Performances

15 Schools Performances

10 Schools Performances

  5 Schools Performances



You will receive accreditation on all print and online platforms.We would be grateful for partners in sound & light equipment, flights, hotel accommodation, cast internal transportation & set truck transportation and storage.



Alice in Wonderland

Every show of ours is accompanied by an education pack that includes pre show and post show activities and information that allows parents and educators to lead up and follow up.20,000 children equals around 40,000 parents, principles, teachers and assistants



Advertise your company and get your name out! Please contact us for rate details.

We will work closely with your business representatives to understand your priorities, your target market and the message that you want to convey.

To discuss all of of our great sponsorship opportunities for 2016-2017 please email  



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