Alice begins an amazing journey when she receives a personal invitation from Santa.

‘Dear Alice,

It is already December and all the elves in the North Pole workshop are working very hard.

I see that you are very special and currently top of my ‘ Good Children’ list, and because of that I would like to ask you for your help.

Because so many children have been good this year Mrs Claus and I are all very worried that the Elves won’t be able to get everything done in time for Christmas. So I wondered if you would like to visit us at the North Pole and help us out?

I hope I will see you very soon’……..

Santa Claus

.I have so enjoyed your visits, and you are such a wonderful PR person/Director/Patron of the Arts, as well as all the other hats you wear. I can hand on heart say that your Company is one of the most well run, visually impressive touring theatre that I have seen. My father was an actor in Australian film, television and theatre so I have seen many, many productions with which to compare.....Suzannah Pitcairn

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On their farm in the village of ‘Prickly Bottom’ Jack and his mother, haven’t got a bean to their name! The cupboards are bare and the milk of their only cow has gone dry! Jack’s mum sends him on an errand to sell their beloved cow for as much money as possible. This is the beginning of a very special time for Jack! His adventures take him high and low, and he often needs the help of the audience to get him through.

In our own, inimitable, style of storytelling we take the globally famous story of Jack and the Beanstalk and with original songs and the inventive, imaginative use of puppetry we turn it into an enchanting piece of musical theatre.

 Just about the best thing our school has ever seen.....Nothing else measures up!You are masters of your craft and we look forward to welcoming you back to our school very soon!


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Sinbad, the most daring and notorious Sailor ever to sail the seven seas, has spent his life fighting trouble, but trouble has finally answered him in a big way.


Framed by Asparta the evil sea witch for stealing one of the world's most priceless and powerful treasures--the Book of Destiny--Sinbad has one chance to find and return the precious book, or his best friend the King is doomed. Sinbad and the Kings daughter Jasmina set sail for Asparta’s kingdom Carturus. Jasmina is determined to make sure that Sinbad fulfills his mission and saves the king.


Now the man who put the "bad" in Sinbad is about to find out how bad bad can be.

What a fabulous experience for our children……


Lollipop Theatre were consummate professionals in every possible way. Brilliant show….inspired storytelling! The dragon was amazing!

We love Lollipop Theatre!

GCIS Abu Dhabi

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Welcome to the world of Aladdin…where genies, jeopardy and a generous helping of merriment, make up this magical experience.


Steeped in magic and full of wonder, our adaptation of this ancient story is packed full of daring adventure and a perfect kind of pandemonium that will sweep audiences into an enchanting world of wild antics and mystical Genies.

The Evil Abanazar wants the magic  lamp! The Widow Twankey wants a husband!!! Aladdin wants adventure ………..and all Wishee Washee wants is a clean vest!


Will the Genie of the Lamp grant their wishes? Will Aladdin save the Princess Jasmine? Will he turn the nasty Abanazar into jelly? Will order be restored to Old Arabia?

‘It was amazing! The children just adored every single moment!

Beautiful set and costumes…a world class, 5 star theatrical experience!

Thank you Lollipop Theatre…It was a privilege to have had you perform in our school!

AIS Abu Dhabi

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For a century and a half Lewis Carroll’s classic has both delighted and puzzled us in equal measure.


In this adaptation we fall down the rabbit hole with Alice, take tea with the Mad but very 'Happy' Hatter, meet a caterpillar who wants to go to school and learn stories, are maddened by the devious Cheshire Cat who is looking for a human pet and applaud the King of Hearts as he finally finds his voice and stands up to his dreaded wife The Queen.



 The children (and teachers) loved the show today, so I just wanted to say a big thank you for making the trip through the desert to come and see us. We really appreciate it and very much look forward to welcoming you back next time


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A swash-buckling family adventure that has set course to bring you a treasure chest of delights. With live music, hilarious characters and breathtaking fight scenes a plenty!


Young Jim Hawkins is on the treasure hunt of a lifetime as he steers a course through pugnacious pirates, bonkers shipmates and the greatest character villain in literature - Long John Silver....The original wooden-legged Jack Sparrow!


Searching for Treasure has never been this much fun!

Treasure Island feedback...


Mrs Winter, Teacher

" What an absolute treat...The Lollipop cast were fantastic.......and the set and costumes are colourful and striking "


Jasper Aged 10


" Wow Its the best play I've ever seen"!

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"We had a wonderful experience with "The Gingerbread Man“ in the German International School. We loved that the play was brought to the children at their level and not up on stage. The story was very nice for young children and kept them busy for days and put a smile on their faces. The older ones had lots of discussions, because the ending was different than in the actual story. We also enjoyed that the story started more with listening and got more active and involved later. The teachers liked that the actors can actually sing. It was a great morning – thank you so much"!



Sabine Vahrenkamp, Kindergartenleiterin /Head of Kindergarten, Deutsche Internationale Schule /German International School



This vibrant, whimsical story follows the marvellous adventures of the little Gingerbread man. Following his escape from the oven he embarks upon a hilarious string of adventures where people and animals try to catch him. He brags that no one will ever catch him .......


‘Run, Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!’


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This timeless classic invokes images of sun-filled, lazy days spent messing about on the river….Fill your picnic baskets, get your sun-hats out, and join Mole, Ratty and Badger on their marvelous riverside adventure, as they attempt to tame their friend ..the lovable, fearless, eccentric and oh so crazy Mr. Toad.


Will he learn the error of his ways in this delightful tale of friendship ?

The Lollipop Theatre company brought the ‘wow factor’ to our school. The scenery and lighting created a real theatrical experience for our children. The actors brought the characters from Wind in the Willows alive through songs, dancing and acting .


Best of all there were lots  of opportunities for the children to to join in with the show; this kept the children engaged throughout and they haven’t stopped talking about the show all week – especially the water fight!


We are very much looking forward to watching ‘The Gingerbread man’ in the new school year. Thanks again to Lori and the team!


Amy Cowin JESS Jumeirah 


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This witty new musical for children aged 3-11 years tells the story of Quacker a young bird whose awkward appearance and manner, triggers prejudice and ridicule amoungst his family and friends. Join Quacker on his quest for acceptancee as he meets some comical characters along the way and discovers his true inner beauty and the meaning of friendship

'Lighting, sound and scenery for the show was amazing and added to the wonderful theatre experience for our students. Thank you for letting your children attend this extremely worthwhile show. It was a real educational experience not to be missed'.


Mr. Keith Sedgwick

Head Teacher Dubai Gem Private School

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A classic fairytale that delighted children of all ages! They squealed with delight at Grannies antics, hissed and booed at the sight of the slickest, meanest and most brazenly wicked big bad wolf, and cheered on Red Riding Hood and Granny as they triumphed in their moment of peril.

'Today has been full of all sorts of things as ever but the magic that Lori Dorman and her Little Mermaid cast brought to Kings was magical and a half! Thank you Lori and your wonderful cast ''.



Carolyn Qayyum Kings School Dubai


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A classic fairytale that delighted children of all ages! They squealed with delight at Grannies antics, hissed and booed at the sight of the slickest, meanest and most brazenly wicked big bad wolf, and cheered on Red Riding Hood and Granny as they triumphed in their moment of peril.

‘Thank you once again for bringing Lollipop Theatre to our school and for such a wonderful show. I have received only positive feedback and requests from the children to "see it all over again."




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